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Combine your salads and healthy meals with the new TOSH Toppings!

Publicado July 2023

Treat yourself while enjoying your favorite salads in a unique way! Your meals won’t be the same with this innovation from TOSH, that will let you mix all those recipes you love with delicious toppings. 

Now with the TOSH Toppings you can make all those healthy preparations you have always loved in a new, incredible way, with a different flavor and texture to enjoy your experience away from the monotony in the kitchen.

The new TOSH Toppings come in two flavors: Fine Herbs and Tropical, each one with a combination of ingredients with high fiber content. The natural and vegetable origins of our toppings are ideal to combine with different salads and healthy preparations and we are sure they’ll provide consumers with a very healthy and practical way to live in harmony every day.

The Fine Herbs option includes peanuts, roasted peas, croutons, chickpeas, basil, rosemary and parsley, so you can enjoy it in soups, Caesar-type salads, Mediterranean salads and bowls with salty vinaigrettes.

The Tropical topping contains peanuts, pineapple, cranberries and raisins, an ideal combination to mix with sweet and sour salads, fruit salads and sweet vinaigrettes.

Tempted? Go ahead and try them! Find a new, delicious taste in your healthy food.


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