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  • We’re an organization that belongs to the Carbon Neutrality 2.0 Country Program recognized by the Climate Change Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Energy in the Carbon Neutral Plus category, leading the change through the commitment to reduce GHG emissions to build a modern, resilient and inclusive country aligned to the National Decarbonization Plan. Since 2015, we have been operating with a Biomass Boiler for steam supply in our operations, significantly reducing GHG emissions, using wood pellets as a fuel source of biogenic origin.

Water resource

  • We reduce the environmental impact on water resources through best practices, programs, and policies implemented by our employees and mitigate the risks associated with the scarcity or deterioration of the quality of this resource.
  • We measure the volume of water we use in our processes, are committed to reducing our water footprint, and make maximum use of it.


  • We implemented the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification, with the objective of identifying high energy consumers and improving the organization’s energy performance in line with the reduction of natural resources and GHG emissions.
  • Automation projects have been implemented to improve efficiency in production lines and reduce energy consumption.


  • Our organization launched in 2017 the Food Loss and Waste Policy, which promotes the reduction of hunger in the areas where it operates, contributes to the development of improvements in processes, reduces waste generation, and increases the productivity of natural resources used.
  • We work to reduce waste generation and reduce waste sent to the environment with managers authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Environmental management

  • Compañía Nacional de Chocolates de Costa Rica is part of the Business Alliance for Sustainability, a group of companies committed to environmental sustainability that promotes the implementation of projects and activities through public-private partnerships that have a positive impact on the national territory.


  • Our collaborators are committed to social management in the community, so they contribute time and money to underprivileged groups, promoting the welfare of families in our community.