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Enjoy our new TOSH Almond Cream

Publicado May 2023

Staying in shape while treating yourself has never been so easy! Now with our TOSH Almond Cream, with 100% roasted almonds you can accompany your favorite meals with a cream with no added sugar, low in sodium and a source of protein. 

This new product comes to complement our Compañía Nacional de Chocolates catalog in Costa Rica and integrates with the Peanut Butter, to create an ideal portfolio for our consumers in the market of healthy creams. Being free of additives, preservatives and other ingredients, TOSH Almond Cream will be your ideal companion when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Just one ingredient! No need for any kind of binders, sweeteners or any other added ingredient that alters the nature of the product, which makes this cream something different within the category. 

Enjoy it with apples, banana, pancakes, cookies, bread, smoothies and much more.

Try it now!

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